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Establish and implement a scalable talent management foundation.


We address need based on the desired competencies at each level of the Leadership Pipeline; CHANGERNOMICS Talent Leadership Framework is our proven fast-track technology based on an intrinsic experiential blended learning approach structured on Assessments – Learn – Assignments – Projects and Simulations customised for individual organisation’s needs for the development of the required competencies at each leadership level and their direct application in the workplace; It is 70% context based learning with 30% content learning and coaching. We offer a wide range of extensively tested programmes and a consultancy approach so that we can custom design to meet every client’s needs;

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Succession planning efforts that lead to quality leadership transitions depend on a system of meaningful employee comparisons and targeted development plans. We use strategic, systematic and proprietary processes to make this happen. Our consultants help organizations build a research-based, validated and repeatable process for succession planning.


Build the next generation.

Finding the right person for the job is never black and white.


We think while much attention is paid to assessing candidates for executive posts, there’s more to consider. The trend is toward decentralizing corporate decision-making is pushing the responsibility for taking action downward. This demands greater reliance on individual acts of leadership, and organizations cannot just rely on a strong or charismatic CEO.

Employee   assessment   programs, therefore, have company wide applicability.  Companies can benefit from applying the assessment process to line managers who represent what we call the “permafrost” layer between  the leadership and the rank and file. Because these individuals interact directly with those who “touch” the customer, their influence is exponential. When line managers are functioning well, there is a positive performance trickle – down effect.


Some of the personality questionnaires we use at CHANGERNOMICS are:


1. Saville Consulting Wave ®
2. Talent Q
3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
4. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI™)
5. Facet5
6. DISC Personality Profiles & Assessment Reports
7. Clifton StrengthsFinder ™
8. iWAM Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns Assessment Reports


We can also support your recruitment process by providing a combination of recruitment services depending on your requirements.  From designing and delivering your assessment centre to administering psychometric tests to your candidates.


We can assist in the design and development of assessment centres’ starting with an analysis of job roles and the development of job descriptions and person specifications. If you have your own organisational competency framework, we will design the assessment centre around that model. Alternatively we will use generic competencies.


We will help identify appropriate assessment methods to test your candidates. These may be either off-the-shelf assessment centre exercises or bespoke exercises where appropriate.


We can include group exercises, presentations, personality questionnaires and aptitude tests – which may include verbal, numerical and logical skills tests at a level of difficulty relevant to the role to ensure the candidates are comprehensively measured against the required criteria..


Interview questions can be generated during the assessment centre to probe further in a panel interview. Also we can provide feedback to candidates where required. Our team of qualified partners is certified to administer (usually online) and provide feedback.


We are very happy to design and manage the whole assessment process, or work alongside your staff, focusing on any of the areas above.