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Talking about trust

Talking about trust

TRUST is one of the most important qualities stressed upon in any organisation.


With a growing number of fraud and criminal breach of trust (CBT) cases, building trust is crucial to propel an organisation to progress beyond boundaries.


“Trust is a very hard topic. A lot of people are curious how to rebuild trust, how to sustain trust in the workplace and even in the context of what surrounds us, there is a lot of mistrust.


“There are behaviours that lead to broken trust. Leaders have to be aware of what these behaviours are,” said Reina Trust senior consultant and certified master practitioner Samuel Kurian during Leading with Trust Masterclass organised by Star Media Group Bhd.


The event was attended by corporate leaders, heads of departments, top line managers, team leaders and business owners.

According to Samuel, the absence of trust- building behaviours also affects trust, including scenarios like not sharing information, not admitting mistakes, not telling the truth and not giving constructive feedback.


“Trust cannot be seen, but everyone can feel it. It is very abstract and highly complex as everyone has different opinion towards trust.

One of the participants from Brenntag Sdn Bhd commercial service manager Ashley Chia Suk Li said trust was important to her especially when building a relationship.

“Trust is important for us leaders to build and strengthen relationship with our colleagues and co-workers.


“As our company go through all sorts of changes, trust in each other is very important.


“I learned from this talk that it is very important to trust ourselves first before trusting others.


Boh Plantations Sdn Bhd executive director and chief technical officer Mehmet Alguel said trust was not a topic that companies or individuals often talk about.

“Sometimes, employees do not even trust themselves and their own capabilities, but employers should be able to see more in them, be it talents or unique characteristics.

“For us humans, trust is like that too. Our world, nation and even organisations lack in this area and most of the time we did not realise it is happening .

“Trust has to reciprocate as well. It implies to both sides, not just only one.” he added.